Greg Owens, 4thWay® subscriber

I must just say how much I’ve appreciated your website as I’ve gone about educating myself in the area of investing over the past few months.

John Bennett, 4thWay® subscriber

I have found your website and candid articles very useful in expanding my P2P portfolio…Thanks again for your articles and analysis, much appreciated.

Richard Bradshaw, 4thWay® subscriber

I have used your website a lot over the past few years. It has helped me choose which P2P companies to invest with, and when to withdraw funds

Anon, a 4thWay® subscriber

I am really impressed with 4th Way. I find it extremely useful and am, indeed, an avid reader of your newsletters

Norman Pugsley, 4thWay® subscriber

After finding your website in the summer I diversified some of my savings into a few of the P2P companies shown on your comparison table (very helpful!)

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