Anon, a 4thWay® reader

The most useful site I’ve found for assessing the different p2p offerings.

5/5 Google Review from Ambrose Wilkie

Insightful: if you are considering p2p lending, this sight gives detailed and honest assessments of expected performance by different companies. Whilst not a comprehensive list, it is a useful resource.

Anon, a 4thWay® reader

As an onlooking novice I keep myself posted and try to benefit from the analyses, practical sense and good overall grounding of advice that you provide. All with a view to possible future investing in this area – so, many thanks!!

John Nicholas, a 4thWay® subscriber

4th Way is invaluable when choosing a peer to peer platform to invest in, and without its extensive research, advice and platform ratings I’m sure many of us would be risking more than was advisable.

Anon, a 4thWay® reader

Great P2P review site. I’m looking forward to a review on EasyMoney.

Judith John, a 4thWay® subscriber

I could not agree more with you about 4thWay. Since I came across them all my P2P investments have been heavily influenced by their analyses. I am not aware of any other commentator in this area that is not merely a reproducer of press releases….

Norman Pugsley, a 4thWay® subscriber

Thank you for your excellent update on P2P and IFISAs. Please keep up the good work! I have read your analyses over the past few years and found it very helpful in deciding which companies to loan through.

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