Lande’s 4thWay PLUS Rating Re-Confirmed

Lande* has re-established its data pipeline and so we've reassessed its 4thWay PLUS Rating.

Despite quite a few more loans falling late or turning bad as its history has been maturing, it has easily maintained its 3/3 “Exceptional” 4thWay PLUS Rating. Its high interest rates of more than 10% are more than sufficient compensation for the risks of bad debts, even if there's a severe recession and a big crash in property prices and in the prices of farmers' assets.

As Lande's loanbook has matured further over the past 14 months since we started rating it, it's gratifying to see that our projections of how well they would do is almost spot on to reality. It's now at the point where more than 10% of its loans are late or turned bad and it's now in the process of recovering bad debts, for which there is valuable security to protect lenders.

It's going to take a while to recover most bad debts, but, even if it's less successful than we expect, the interest earned is still easily sufficient.

We'll give you a more comprehensive update on Lande, the P2P lending company focusing on farmers, very soon.

Visit Lande*.

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