Lande’s 4thWay PLUS Rating Re-Confirmed

Lande* has re-established its data pipeline and so we’ve reassessed its 4thWay PLUS Rating. Despite quite a few more loans falling late or turning bad as its history has been maturing, it has easily maintained its 3/3 “Exceptional” 4thWay PLUS Rating. Its high interest rates…

Brief Update On Lande

We’ve had to temporarily take Lande’s 4thWay PLUS Rating down. Unfortunately, due to illness, Lande’s not been able to provide us with the data we need to keep assessing it on anything like the regular basis that we require. I’ve been informed that Lande will…

About LEND’s 4thWay PLUS Rating And Further Key Information

What does LEND do? LEND* offers loans to borrowers in Switzerland usually fixed for one year to six years. It mostly does unsecured personal loans and business loans, repaid monthly, and some real-property loans for a variety of purposes that are repaid at the end….

About Klear’s 4thWay PLUS Rating And Other Important Information

I’m going to explain some more details about Klear’s 2/3 Hidden Gem 4thWay PLUS Rating and its 4thWay Risk Score, but also take the opportunity to cover some other important aspects that came up in my team’s investigations. What does Klear do? Klear* offers personal…

Peer-to-Peer Lending Vs Bonds

Most peer-to-peer lending sits in the sweet spot with potential rewards considerably above savings accounts and yet risks below the stock market. And its incredibly steady record since 2005 certainly supports that. But where exactly does peer-to-peer lending sit compared to bonds? Peer-to-peer lending has…

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